Jim Brooks, owner of The Brooks Team & Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.
The Brooks Team is in the top 1.5% of real estate teams in the country.

forbes real estate council member

In today’s everchanging Real Estate market, finding new and innovative ways to attract potential leads can be especially difficult. The truth is… 87% percent of new real estate agents quit within the first 5 years because of one simple thing: the inability to obtain and increase leads year over year. Obtaining new leads is only half the battle, nurturing and engaging new clients is another. 

With 2 decades of great success leading one of the top real estate teams in Las Vegas, Jim Brooks shares his method to attracting and retaining clients.

6. Exceed Expectations

Give way more value than expected. Anybody can send inventory and listings, but few take the time to really educate potential clients on what’s going on in a specific area or why they feel it’s a good time to buy or sell. It does not take much, but if you give free, in-depth guidance to prospects, they will be eager to see what you can do for them as an actual client. – Jim Brooks, The Brooks Team – EXP Realty

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