Greetings from The Brooks Team!

Through 1-on-1 complimentary consult calls, we’ve been able to help hundreds of owners explore their financial options provided in our COVID-19 Las Vegas High Rise Stimulus Program. These options include: a flexible commission structure, cash out refinances, alternative rental options and a guaranteed sale offer.

Multiple owners saw success by getting their high rise not only listed, but also sold with us. Many others have seen a steady increase in rental income through alternative rental options.

While the underlying economic climate carries over into this new year, it’s not too late to consider different financial opportunities for your property.

Set up a free strategy session that is tailored to your current situation and specific needs by contacting The Brooks High Rise Team at (702) 805-0805 or email

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If you know anyone looking to buy or sell Las Vegas real estate, please contact us anytime with their name and contact information. We are always available to assist you or anyone you know!

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